Incremental steps resulting in big change at ACM Group

Incremental steps resulting in big change at ACM Group

Welcome to ACM Group’s new corporate website.

Our enhanced online presence is the latest in a series of incremental steps the management team has put in place over the last three years to improve training, customer satisfaction and ultimately, collection rates.

Among the most pleasing feedback we have received since embarking on our change program was at the 2014 Financial Counselling Australia’s Conference in Melbourne, where Chief Operating Officer Paul Brabazon was told, ‘ACM Group is getting it right’.

This is a direct result of efforts we have made to upskill our staff and refine our processes, including setting up a centralised department for financial counsellors, hardship customers and Public Trustees so they interact with specialist staff.

Achieving best compliance practice

One of ACM Group’s core strengths has always been staff retention. People enjoy working here; we prioritise professional development and ethical engagement with our customers. Our staff are among the best trained in the country. In addition to updating training materials to reflect new regulatory and legislative guidelines (which all staff must undertake), all new staff complete a 10-week in-depth training and compliance program. New staff must pass two exams in that initial phase of training – then all staff sit a compliance exam every three months to ensure best practice.

That said, our aim is to go beyond what we are required to do. We work with one of Australia’s most respected community services agencies to continue to improve the team’s active listening, understanding of hardship and respectful communications at the beginning of their employment with ACM Group and through refresher courses every six months. This benefits our staff as well as our customers.

Supporting our people with industry-leading software and systems

Our internal culture is stronger than ever. Relationship Managers have an increased sense of ownership, and are empowered to negotiate workable solutions to our customers’ debt problems. All of this happens within a well-structured operating framework featuring in-built privacy compliance systems required at every point of contact.

The Customer Contact Counter System is industry-leading software developed by ACM that counts each customer, authorised or unauthorised third party contact, whether by SMS or phone call. This automation helps keep all staff contacts within the regulatory guidelines. ACM Group also implemented a rigorous new Call Audit System, with a team who monitor approximately five per cent of calls each day, to identify issues, provide real-time feedback to management ensure compliance with regulatory guidelines & the Privacy Act; our respectful communications training; customer satisfaction and problem solving skills.

To confirm customer concurrence, harmony and increase customer satisfaction, we implemented a new call process requirement for Relationship Managers to ask if customers are satisfied with the outcome, or if there is anything else they can help with. This ensures staff are ‘getting it right’ throughout customer contact.

Australia’s largest private debt acquisition company

Our growth has been steady. Change has been made incrementally, but had a transformative effect on the way we do business. With more than 30 years’ service and close relationships to blue-chip financial institutions and telecommunications providers, we leverage our experience in premium debt and receivables management to become Australia’s largest privately-held debt acquisition company. ACM Group offers pathways forward for our customers, our staff and our clients.

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