No-one could have predicted the severity and destruction of the bushfires that have engulfed South Australia and the irrevocable destruction and pain handed out to communities.
It’s difficult to contemplate the total loss of everything you own and, worse, the lives of family and friends.  ACM Group Ltd (ACM) staff and management offer their prayers and help to those affected by the disaster.
To help those in need as of today (10th November 2015) ACM will:

  • Suspend any collection activity for three months in all fire affected areas by postcode in South Australia (see list below).
  •  Write off debts in the event of the death of a customer or a member of their family due to the fires.
  •  Write off debts where a customer’s home has been destroyed or has suffered major damage due to the fire
  •  After the three month period, or if required an extended time frame, ACM will work with customers and establish payment plans that will suit their circumstances. Our goal will be to assist them on their pathway to recovery.

“Families whose hopes and fortunes have been crushed by the unprecedented fires do not need to be burdened by debt recovery activities.  As these people start to get back on their feet it is a pressure they will not have to worry about”, said ACM Managing Director Mr Bert Vieira.
“Under no circumstances in the postcodes nominated will an ACM Relationship Manager contact anyone with an outstanding debt with ACM for the three-month period.  After that time we will review the situation to consider whether we need to extend the time period”,  Mr Vieira said.
The Management and Staff of ACM Group Ltd wish to express their condolences to the bereaved and express their sympathy to all the people who have suffered due to these catastrophic fires.

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